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  • Research and Development projects aligned with SME needs
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Solutions tailored to SME needs

In the 25 years since our founding we have successfully worked on a wide range of research and development projects. These projects not only resulted in new products and systems, these experiences have led us to develop research and development projects specifically suitable to SME needs.

With the development of new systems and processes we are continuously breaking new ground. We know that the right partner can substantially contribute to the success of R&D projects but we also know to not let the financial aspects out of our sight. In order to manage long-term risks we will support you not only as a reliable R&D partner but also help you find and apply for suitable project funding.

The process of thermal smoothing was specially developed by the professional network “Thermoface” to automatically finish MDF components and panels. The module is available in a range of variants and can also be retrofitted to existing machinery. The benefits of using the Thermoface module are: a reduction of processing costs of up to 50%; and improvements in surface quality.

Network “Thermoface” was awarded the 2004 Environmental Award from the Federation of German Industry e.V. (BDI).

To improve the surface quality of materials we developed a special paint stripper that can strip both water-soluble and solvent-based paint layers. It can be used on smooth or porous surfaces made from metal, plastic, concrete and wood. The microemulsion is environmentally safe and gentle on the surface as it strips paint almost without any mechanical pressure.

The development was supported by federal and state funding as well as by the European Regional Development Fund.

In the 90s we were working on making 360° images available for product visualisation. Around this idea the software package SASTA was developed. SASTA brought the surrounding world into the computer through e-catalogues, true-to-scale variant modelling, an interactive visual world as well as consultation and order systems.